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A bright future

A bright future

Perspex Distribution has launched a new range of LED light sheet panels supplied exclusively by Addluxthat complements the existing range of Perspex Distribution’s LED lighting solutions and offers customers plug-and-play solutions for a wide variety of lighting or backlighting applications.

Based on state-of-the-art design and high technology manufacturing techniques, the Addlux LED light sheet panels offer a combination of high brightness and even illumination, even when used with curved panels. This is made possible because each panel features unique light diffusing patterns machined onto the acrylic light diffusion sheet. The pattern varies dependent on the size, shape and dimensions of the panel.

Addlux LED light sheet panels are available in thicknesses ranging from an ultra-thin 4mm, up to 10mm and in panel sizes up to 4m x 1.6m and 3m x 2m. Rectangular, shaped and curved panels are manufactured to customer design and are available as standard for indoor use and are also IP67 rated for outdoor use.

Panels of standard and higher brightness levels are also offered, as is a wide range of LED colour temperatures, including cool white (5300K or 6000K), natural white (4000K), warm white (3000K), individual and RGB multi-colour.

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