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A glass act

A glass act


As the largest UK stockist and distributor of 3M graphic films, William Smith offers a number of innovative materials that have been designed to accommodate the décor requirements of interior designers and architects, which are supplemented by further options from Arlon and VION.

For application to glass surfaces, 3M Fasara Glass Decorative Films include a choice of special effects, including acid-etched, sandblasted and rice paper. In application, the films are capable of blocking up to 99 per cent of UV light, thereby enhancing their suitability for use in retail and other commercial environments. The films are complemented with a range of 3M Light Management Films that can be used to create a host of special decorative effects, plus the 3M Scotchcal 5525-300 and 3M Scotchcal 7725SE-300 Series of films. The former is a five-year polymeric window film offering a choice of acid-etched and sandblasted effects, while the latter is a premium cast up to 10-year glass decorative film offering a choice of dusted or frosted crystal effects.


A further alternative is the VION Crystal 5500 Series of polymeric films. These five-year films provide a crystal-etch effect and can be applied to flat and slightly curved glass surfaces. Another glass-decorative option is the Arlon 5400 Etched Glass Series of translucent polymeric films.

A particularly innovative glass decorative film from is 3M Dichroic that faithfully replicates the visual effects of genuine dichroic glass, but at a fraction of the price. It is available in Chill, which shifts colours from the transmitted cool tones of blue, magenta and yellow, to the reflective colours of gold and blue, while the Blaze version shifts colours from the warm tones of cyan, blue and magenta to red and gold. The colours seen by the viewer from either side of the glass surface are influenced by the environment, lighting and angle of viewing.


Another equally innovative 3M product is  DI-NOC. Available in over 700 distinctive colours and patterns, the self-adhesive PVC vinyl laminate film can be applied to a wide range of commonly used substrates to replicate the appearance of wood grain, stone, stucco, metal, leather and carbon fibre, but again at a fraction of the cost. The film incorporates 3M’s renowned Controltac Adhesive Technology for optimum adhesion and conformability, is also water- and weather-resistant, meets current IMO flammability requirements and offers a 12-year performance warranty for internal applications and a five-year warranty for outdoor applications.

For wall décor applications, the 3M Textured Wall Film IJ8624 can be applied to textured surfaces as diverse as brick, breeze block, stucco and cement and can be used to convert both interior and exterior surfaces with eye-catching graphics or art manifestations.

The Arlon range of decorative- effect films includes two further wall coverings, DPF 206 (a removable fabric wall film) and DPF 207 (a removable interior wall film). For indoor and outdoor graphics applied to ‘hard to stick’ low-energy surfaces, Arlon DPF 8000 has proved an ideal solution. Available in a white satin or clear format, the high-tensile film features a strong permanent adhesive and conforms brilliantly to both flat and slightly curved surfaces.

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