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A relaxing environment

A relaxing environment

Working closely with arts programme, Artfelt at Sheffield’s Children’s Hospital, Signs Express (Sheffield) has helped to create a positive and relaxing environment for young patients requiring surgical procedures.

Taking the designs created by consultancy Thomas Matthews, which are based on the Chinese tangram, a traditional puzzle comprising flat shapes that are assembled to produce fiendishly complex geometric patterns, Signs Express used them to line the corridors leading to the theatres and treatment rooms, where they provide a welcome distraction for nervous young patients during the anxious moments before they are anaesthetised.

The tessellating shapes have also been used to create a Perspex mobile that is suspended from the ceiling of the double height corridor that leads to the MRI scanner.Especially designed to make the most of a large space with a lot of natural light, the coloured, transparent shapes create patterns of rockets that move in and out of sight as patients walk below and culminates in the light boxesthat are set into the ceiling of each new anaesthetic room, where they provide a calming focal point.

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