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A smart selection

A smart selection

A range of inspirational wide and super-wide sign and graphics substrates are available from Antalis. The range includes Smart-X, NuStone and Antacote Lite, all of which have strong ‘green’ credentials.

Manufactured by 3A Composites, Smart-X is a 100 per cent polystyrene lightweight foamed board available in widths of up to two metres. It offers excellent weather resistance and is therefore suited to outdoor applications. The board can be processed using either direct digital or screen-printing processes and has a durability of up to two years without any significant change in colour.

NuStone is a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic substrates such as PVC, which offers the print quality and opacity of a coated paper, coupled with a luxurious and robust feel. It can also help save time and money by removing the production complexities associated with some plastic materials.

Anatcote Lite is a 100 percent recyclable board product and an ideal alternative to the polystyrene or rigid polyurethane foam-centred display boards used typically in supermarkets for hanging signs. It is also a lightweight product that is PEFC-accredited and ISEGA Certified Food Safe, thus adding to its appeal for such applications.

The board is suitable for use with both screen and UV curable flatbed digital printing.

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