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An ace performer

An ace performer


Ash & Lacy, a manufacturer of building cladding solutions that are based on the aluminium and aluminium composite sheet that are frequently used to support signage and associated architectural features, has completely automated the process of detailing and programming standard panels by using the PANELBuilder combined CNC router and software system from AXYZ International.

Now, instead of having to create panels one by one, Ash & Lacy can mass-produce them using the AXYZ system and, since a typical requirement in a single contract is for up to 1,500 4.3 x 1.5-metre aluminium or ACM panels, the company has realised huge savings in production time and overall manufacturing costs.

Mathew Day, Product Engineer at Ash & Lacy, commented: “We use the PANELBuilder system for all standard panels and the pendulum machining capability of the combined router and software has proved critical to increasing output and productivity by reducing downtime to an absolute minimum. It enables the machine bed to be divided into two virtual zones, so that a sheet can be processed on one zone while the operator removes waste material and loads a new sheet ready for processing in another. As well as being a complete CAD/CAM solution incorporating all of the functionality needed for high-volume production, the open architecture of the system means it can be readily used with other CAD systems to create unusual shapes and sizes.”

These are a frequent requirement in the sign industry for corporate ID and logo manifestations based on aluminium and ACM materials.

Robert Marshall, Vice President Market Development at AXYZ International, added: “The PANELBuilder is a dedicated one process, one solution system created for the niche cladding market, but can also be used successfully by sign companies specialising in the production of corporate identity signagewhere large volumes of aluminium and ACM sheet materials are used. The system has been configured to accommodate the precise needs of individual manufacturers, with integrated parametric templates enabling users to simply choose the required sheet sizes and quantities and with the dedicated software automatically programming and producing the finished cut panels.”


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