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Adding value to cutting

Adding value to cutting

Available in three models, the new ValueCut plotter/cutters from Mutoh accommodate both traditional sign and graphics and print-to-cut applications.

Replacing the current Kona series of plotter/cutters, the ValueCut machines integrate the latest digital control servomotors and advanced micro-grit friction-feed mechanics to enable accurate long-length media tracking up to 10 metres. To effectively handle miniature lettering, intricate shapes and thick materials, a tangential simulation mode has been incorporated into the cutters’ firmware. When using this mode to cut sharp edges, the blade holder is lifted to enable orientation of the cutting blade to the desired angle before the machine continues its cutting path.

For contour-cutting and through-cut jobs, the ValueCut’s cutting head has integrated laser-based optical sensors that will automatically detect different types of registration marks on pre-printed graphics. The pressure rollers can also be individually disabled to eliminate roller marks on pre-printed media.

The ValueCut 600 version is available as a desktop solution, while the 1300 and 1800 models include a stand and a media-catch basket. All of the models are supplied with Mutoh’s proprietary version of FlexiSTARTER 10 software embodying simultaneous design and cutting functions, with an export functionality enabling preparation of designs for output to any printer-RIP combination.

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