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Agfa Graphics enhances Assanti Storefront

Agfa Graphics enhances Assanti Storefront

Specifically designed for sign and display companies that want to use web-to-print to extend their offering and reach new markets, AsantiStoreFront 2.2 incorporates a number of new features that open it up to an even wider group of users.

These include easy automation, which enables StoreFront to automatically export order data to the prepress workflow, no matter which workflow or RIP the printer uses, thus making it easy to access the content that needs to be printed.  Those not using an Agfa Graphics workflow can automate order handling by using StoreFront to export all order data to their FTP-server.

Another new feature isExpress Checkout, a global payment gateway that makes it easy and affordable to add online payment to web-to-print stores. Users of the web store can pay using popular credit cards or their PayPal account. On the other hand, printers can easily set up Express Checkout without a high activation cost or expensive monthly fees.

In addition,companies that require all orders in a store to be approved, can now create groups of users and assign one or more order approvers to each group. This makes it easier for sign and display companies to offer their B2B web-to-print service to large companies with multiple divisions or subsidiaries. In such stores, users can now also self-register too, lowering the overhead in administrating the user base of large stores.

Other new features include auto-fill forms based on profile data and previous orders, and custom order IDs for easy categorisation.

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