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Agfa investment facilitates BD&H one-stop-shop

Agfa investment facilitates BD&H one-stop-shop

Norwich-based POS manufacturer, BD&H recently installed an Agfa Anapurna H2500i LED wide format engine, which formed the second part of a £150,000-plus investment that also included installation of the Agfa Asanti workflow and Agfa Asanti StoreFront software.

Explaining the decision to purchase the Anapurna, David Hutchins, Managing Director of BD&H, said: “We decided that it would be a great next step for our business, so last year, we committed to Agfa’s Asanti workflow solution and its linked Asanti StoreFront product in anticipation.”

BD&H wanted to offer one of its larger customers the convenience of ordering its agreed range of POS online, calling it off directly for display and effectively offering it a one-stop-shop.

David Hutchins continued: “Agfa’s Asanti StoreFront cloud-based software product has facilitated this, as it works in perfect tandem with the Asanti workflow.  In fact, it’s worked so well that it’s our intention to roll the service out to other customers, especially as we now also have a more efficient print solution with the new Anapurna engine.”

BD&H was originally two separate businesses, BD Studios, which specialised in screenprinting and W H Hutchins, a litho print business, both of which were first established in 1968.  The two companies worked closely together for many years so their merger in the late 1980’s was a natural progression. The business continued to grow, largely on the screenprinting side, supported by digital printing, but the focus began to change when it started to print a lot of signage for Tullford, which at the time specialised in the provision of signage for the ice cream industry.  After a few years, Tullford’s principal retired and BD&H acquired the business, which provided the foundation for its specialisation in POS, which has grown exponentially over the past few years.

BD&H, which now employs 30 people and deals with brands directly, has its own studio and can thus support its clients with concept visuals, prototypes, repro and print, using a wide variety of different printers and cutting equipment.

The Agfa Asanti workflow product, which was installed late last year, is a complete, automated sign and display production hub that features a colour management solution, integration with the latest version of Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE), highly specific functionalities (e.g. nesting, see-through concept, proofing support) and fast, automatic pre-flighting.  It has streamlined BD&H’s workflow, by shortening procedures and simplifying its processes.

Agfa’s Asanti StoreFront is a cloud-based web-to-print solution that enables print buyers to place orders online 24/7 and thus offers an easy to access and efficient service to BD&H customers.

The Anapurna H2500i LED printer is a high-speed hybrid UV LED-curable inkjet system with a printing width of 2.5m, which can be used to produce myriad indoor and outdoor applications.  It has already simplified some of the work that BD&H used to struggle with as it is much faster than the company’s older printers, uses less ink, due to its Thin Ink Layer Technology, which helps to keep the cost of consumables down, while also satisfying many of the environmental concerns of major brands.

David Hutchins observed: “The installation of the Anapurna was extremely efficient and so far, the service has been good. The demand for faster, cheaper print with increased quality has been a key driver within our industry for many years and this continues. In the early days, people were amazed at the quality we achieved with our old printers, but within a year that wasn’t good enough. We used to produce screenprinted bus POS where 65dpi was considered an acceptable quality, but now everyone demands high resolution, the equivalent of 300dpi. The completion of our investment with Agfa will help to keep us ahead in an increasingly exacting marketplace and although it’s still early days with regard to the Anapurna, we are already realising many of the planned benefits and are very pleased that our investment is beginning to pay off.”

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