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Antalis enhances its sustainable options with Xanita

Antalis enhances its sustainable options with Xanita

Antalis has further extended its visual communications portfolio with the addition of Xanita, an ultra-lightweight and sustainable composite fibre-board substrate.

Xanita board is a closed-cell fibre-board, which features a corrugated kraft core made of recycled cardboard boxes and sugar cane waste. Fully recyclable and repulpable alongside normal paper waste, not only is it plastic-free, it also offers a number of other environmental benefits too, including the use of VOC-free adhesives, FSC sourced liners and ECF certification, thus ensuring that all of the materials used in its manufacture are non-toxic.

At the same time, Xanita board is both practical and functional for visual communication applications as it is a quarter of the weight of MDF, facilitating speedier installation and easier transportation, whilst also remaining significantly stronger than honeycomb boards.

Thanks to its excellent weight bearing properties and printability, Xanita is ideal for a wide range of visual communication applications, including exhibition graphics, partition walls, retail displays and even specialist packaging design. It is available in a range of specifications and flexible size options, along with a wide selection of cut file designs that can be produced on demand.

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