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Antalis expands its polyester materials portfolio

Antalis expands its polyester materials portfolio

Antalis has introduced two new ranges to its portfolio of polyester materials that will offer customers attractive alternatives to more traditional products.

Firstly, MopGuard is a recycled Polyester (PET) sheet that is designed for making protective tray bases for retail displays and is 100 percent recyclable in its own waste stream.  As well as being a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to similar PVC and Polypropylene (PP) products, MopGuard also offers excellent rigidity at a low thickness and provides sharp results when die-cut and creased to shape.

Paul Neale, Product Manager for Visual Communications at Antalis UK, explained: Mop trays are crucial in high traffic retail environments, such as supermarkets, to protect corrugated FSDU displays against knocks, spills and floor cleaning.

“Furthermore, MopGuard not only provides quality benefits in its rigidity and finish, but also has the advantage of being 100 percent recyclable. It is also a cost-effective choice when compared to similar thin gauge PVC and PP products.”

For customers typically using acrylic as its default material for graphic applications, Antalis has introduced Lumex A from 3A Polycasa, an extruded APET thermoplastic polyester sheet that is ideally suited for use in flat and arched applications. The sheets offer a more cost-effective alternative to acrylic, with the added benefits of being fire resistant and more impact resistant too.

Lumex A can be used for a range of applications, including printed POS and displays, printed translucent or backlit signs and displays, interior design, shop and exhibition design and poster covers or protective glazing (printed or unprinted).

Paul Neale added: “It is our belief that customers are over-specifying acrylic for many applications when products like Lumex A can do just as good a job and cost 20 percent less. It also offers better ink adhesion across most flatbed printers so we would encourage customers who haven’t tried it to see if it could work more effectively for them.”

MopGuard is available in a range of sheet sizes suitable to fit standard FSDU footprints.

Lumex A sheets are available in various thicknesses and are suitable for outdoor use up for to four years.

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