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Applelec catches the sun

Applelec catches the sun


Applelec has installed solar panels at both its Bradford and Leeds factories in order to reduce both its energy costs and carbon footprint.

The installation, which was completed by G&H Sustainability, as part of the UK Government’s Feed-In Tariffs scheme (FITs), comprises 33 roof mounted panels at Applelec’s Bradford headquarters and 120 panels in Leeds, which, it is anticipated, will reduce the company’s C02 emissions by 6049kg and 21420kg per annum respectively.

The solar panels’ performance across the two Applelec’s plants is monitored online by Solar-Log, whose records reveal that on a sunny day, when the panels will be generating optimum energy, at the Bradford plant will generate 8.25kWp and the larger Leeds factory a maximum of 29.97kWp. The rationale of the FIT scheme dictates that companies who generate their own electricity are paid for it, even if they use it themselves, thus enabling them to enjoy considerable savings on their energy costs.

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