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Architectural influences

Architectural influences

Sign 2000 selected 3M’s Di-NOC Architectural Finishes for use in the major refurbishment programme it has undertaken for the Post Office in respect of its Network Transformation Project, which involves 6,500 main and local category outlets.

Developed by 3M as a cost-effective design solution for interior and exterior new building construction and/or refurbishment projects, 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes comprise a range of special effect self-adhesive vinyl films that are available in over 700 distinctive formats and precisely replicate the appearance of the traditional materials, such as wood, metal, marble, leather, carbon fibre, stone and stucco that are generally used for such applications.

Explaining the choice of DI-NOC, Sign 2000’s New Business Director, Steve Spackman said: “The appeal was that DI-NOC enabled us, at a relatively low cost, to refurbish all of the service counters at these sites, rather than having to meet the high cost of replacement, thus enabling savings to be made by the Post Office.”

Based on current statistics, the predicted total volume of DI-NOC to be used will be in the region of 5,000 metres.

3m-Pics-Montage(1)-copyIn addition to reducing building construction and refurbishment costs and providing designers and architects with a greater freedom of expression, DI-NOC also offers a wealth of additional benefits, not least of which is the ease with which the films can be applied to either flat surfaces or those with convex and/or concave profiles and purposely removed as required.

Once applied, the films are very easy to maintain in a pristine condition without the need for harsh chemical cleaning agents and are also highly durable, being resistant to smoke and other pollutants, the ingress of water and dirt, impact wear, abrasion and mould. They have been tested to meet IMO flammability requirements and carry a Class O + 1 rating, thus enhancing their suitability for interior commercial applications.

Available in 12, 25 or 50-metre rolls, the lightweight high-tech tough multi-layered films offer 12-year durability on indoor and five-year durability on outdoor applications.

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