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Asanti wins over Displayways

Asanti wins over Displayways

South London based Displayways has recently installed Agfa’s Asanti PDF-based workflow solution with an Anapurna M3200 RTR 3.2 metre wide printer for improved quality and efficiency.

When the company, which produces a variety of display material for well-known museums, landmarks, major international corporate companies and fashion brands for whom quality and consistency is a vital consideration, first decided to upgrade its old printer, it provided a number of printer manufacturers and suppliers with test files and asked them to provide samples.

Rob Kelly, a Director at Displayways, explained: “As soon as the results came in from Agfa we were very impressed and,following a visit to Agfa’s HQ, our decision was sealed.”

Displayways is not only asked to match Pantone colours but also painted backgrounds, materials and even furniture and already the Asanti software package has proved itself invaluable.

Sergii Palii, an operator at Displaysways, continued: “Although we have been using Asanti for just a few months we can see that it offers many advantages. Colour consistency is very important and it helps us to achieve this across all our printers, while archiving enables the records of past jobs to be quickly retrieved, thus providing the detailed information we need for job matching. We can also see that Asanti offers advantages for tiling and plan to make further use of this facility in the next few months.”

Agfa Graphics’ Asanti combines various tasks, such as file handling, colour management, RIPping and preflighting in a single, PDF-based workflow. The integration of the latest version of Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) brings new levels of freedom throughout the design and print process, generating PDF master files that contain all the elements required for reproduction, yet removing the need for manual intervention during the workflow process.

Asanti is a complete and affordable automatic production hub for sign and display producers. Its built-in colour management uniquely guarantees consistent colour quality with minimal effort.

Asanti also connects to cutting and finishing equipment, as well as integrating with Asanti StoreFront, a web-to-print system. StoreFront is based on cloud technology and requires minimal up-front investment. It is an easy-to-use online shopping solution designed to handle incoming orders and their status, providing timesaving, error-free features throughout the job handling process.

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