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AWLTECH offers a laser engraving and cutting service

AWLTECH offers a laser engraving and cutting service

Renowned for its high-quality fabrication and finishing systems used primarily for the processing of acrylic and plastic materials widely used in the sign industry, AWLTECH also provides a financially accessible laser engraving/cutting service at its Alton, Hampshire facility.

The service has proved beneficial to companies that do not have or necessarily need their own in-house engraving/cutting systems but do require an external and relatively inexpensive outsource on which they can rely when the work undertaken on behalf of customers involves routing, engraving and/or cutting that must be of a high standard in order to preserve good supplier/customer relations.

The service is based on the installation of three powerful laser engraving/cutting machines at AWLTECH’s facility. These are used to process medium-to-large volumes of acrylic and plastic sheets in a size of up to 900mm in width by virtually any length and in a thickness of up to 10mm. The fully equipped machines incorporate performance-enhancing design features such as chiller and fume/dust extraction units and are typical ‘plug and play’ production workhorses capable of fast throughput speeds with no compromise on quality.

For further information, visit or telephone 01420 542262

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