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AXYZ helps double production

AXYZ helps double production


An AXYZ CNC router supplied by AXYZ International has helped double the production capacity of West Midlands-based Porter & Woodman.

The company is a major consumer of plywood and MDF used for a diverse range of products distributed by the various businesses within the group. This includes point-of-sale and signage solutions, such as chalkboards, blackboards, A-boards and menu and poster holders as well as shop fitting and display units.

The AXYZ 4010 CNC router recently installed supplements an AXYZ machine purchased three years ago. The router is part of phase one of a £100,000 investment in CNC machinery that has enabled additional staff to be employed and fuelled growth as a result of the new business that has now been secured following the installation.

Sales and Marketing Director at Porter & Woodman Group, Mike Hodgetts commented: “We are delighted with the new router and how it has helped double our production capacity. Towards the end of last year we experienced a bottleneck in our workflow that has now been comprehensively resolved by the introduction of the second router. This has enabled us to keep up to speed on existing work whilst allowing us to secure new business to boost future growth.”

Manager of the CNC Machining Shop, Colin Inchley added: “I am thrilled with the new machine and how it has helped increase our production capacity. It is much quicker and more efficient, but perhaps of greater significance, it has assisted the group’s expansion and secured new jobs. The addition of the 4010 router means we can split the workflow between the two machines to ensure that at no time either is tied up on a specific job.”

The AXYZ 4010 router is part of the 4000 Series that is recognised as one of the most popular and robust routing, cutting and drilling solutions currently available. It provides a work area width of 1,524mm and lengths starting at 1,220mm, with incremental increases of 610mm. The machine can handle materials in excess of four feet wide by virtually any length, while the 150mm gantry clearance will accommodate thicker substrates.

The AXYZ 4010 router installed at Porter & Woodman incorporates a seven-tool Automatic Tool Change (ATC) facility. In common with all AXYZ routers, however, it can be supplied with a host of optional production enhancements. Most recently, these have included new servo drives and the latest helical rack and pinion drive system that includes multiple gear teeth to ensure a more even distribution of the workload whilst reducing machine wear and increasing material feed rates. These production enhancements are further complemented with the latest A2MC Smart Console that eliminates ‘bounce’ and vibration caused by sudden acceleration or deceleration often experienced with other control systems and with the AXYZ Auto Zone Management System that provides a greatly improved material hold-down capability, as well as reducing or eliminating material wastage and machine downtime caused by incorrectly set vacuum valves.


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