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AXYZ highlights importance of correct router tool selection

AXYZ highlights importance of correct router tool selection

Good quality routing and cutting tools are essential in order to get the best out of any CNC router. Purchasing cheaper but invariably inferior quality alternatives often proves a false economy, leading to a sub-standard finish, a significant decrease in tool life and a corresponding increase in material wastage.

The most common reasons for tool failure include selecting the wrong tool for the material to be processed, using a tool well past its predicted lifespan, failure to use an appropriate coolant or lubricant and not changing tool-holding devices, such as collets within the recommended timescale.

Tooling is a continually developing area of routing/cutting technology, fuelled by the availability of new and frequently more complex materials, coatings and geometries and the need to process widely differing materials to accommodate multiple applications.

As a leading supplier of high-performance routing and cutting systems, AXYZ International claims to have comprehensively addressed these requirements via its 24/7 online CNCRoutershop division. This regularly updated facility provides both general-purpose and specialist tools that support not only machines in the extensive AXYZ International portfolio but also those from virtually any other supplier regardless of make or country of origin.

The choice of tools and accessories available includes not only routing/cutting devices but also blades for oscillating, tangential and drag-knife cutters, collets and cones, accessories such as cutting fluids and a wide range of spare parts. These are constantly supplemented with new devices to further extend the performance capabilities of CNC routers. New devices currently being tested include a high-power routing spindle that is said to represent a major advancement in high-speed routing/cutting technology by providing twice the power and speed of a standard spindle and a kiss-cut knife-cutting tool that will further extend the capabilities of CNC routers by enabling a much wider range of materials to be processed. Subject to the success of these product tests, both of these devices will be available in the near future.

A typical example of the specialist tools supplied by AXYZ International is the Marathon Compression Tool. Designed for use on solid and particle woods and laminates, it features an advanced cutting geometry and a special coating to protect the cut edge of the materials being processed from the high temperatures generated during the routing/cutting cycle. The combined upwards and downwards spiral geometry of the Marathon Compression Tool ensures a clean and perfect finish to the top and bottom surfaces of the materials being processed, a function that is of special significance if chipping of double-sided laminates is to be avoided or when using natural woods where edge-finishing might prove problematical if alternative standard spiral tools are used.

For further information, visit or or telephone 01952 291600 for advice from an AXYZ International engineer

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