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AXYZ offers choice

AXYZ offers choice

Today, manufacturers are constantly looking for suppliers of products that offer a winning combination of high productivity and profitability.

For example, for sign and print companies that operate in a particularly competitive climate, supplying a limited range of CNC routers is no longer acceptable. For this reason, AXYZ International has developed an advanced manufacturing facility that is capable of producing distinctive one-off bespoke machines as fast as other manufacturers can build standard off-the-shelf machines.

AXYZ International understands that each industry requires a choice of machine options that offer multiple processing areas and routing head configurations to accommodate a wide range of different applications. In consequence, the company is now able to deliver a staggering 366,918 standard machine configurations to enable all of its customers, regardless of the industry in which they operate, to have the best possible platform for business development and higher profitability.

For the sign and digital printing sectors, AXYZ International supplies primarily the AXYZ 4000 and 6000 series of machines. These have a choice of processing widths that will accommodate virtually any sheet material used in these industries and typically include a radically expanded automatic tool change (ATC) facility, Automatic Camera Registration (AVS) system and one or more knife cutting heads.

For plastic fabricators, the choice of machine is invariably the 6000 series which accommodates standard sheet sizes and which also includes the latest helical drive and servo drive options that deliver the smoothest and most precise motion for optimum accuracy and finest cut quality. Similarly popular with plastic fabricators are the Pacer-branded heavy-duty routers that are renowned for their inherent strength and robust construction, which eliminate machine vibrations that can lead to imperfect cutting.

For customers needing to process large volumes of aluminium composite materials (ACM), a material widely used in the sign and architectural claddingsectors, the most appropriate AXYZ machine is the 5000 series. These provide the necessary extra-long (up to 12 metres) material processing length and triple routing heads that are designed to enable pendulum processing for continuous machine operation and maximum throughput speed. Dedicated design and programming software and a host of optional machine enhancements enable ultimate configurability in high-volume production.

A particular strength of AXYZ International is its ability to offer machine configurations that will accommodate virtually any specific manufacturing requirement. These configurations incorporate both standard and optional production tools, different processing areas and cutting head options to enable materials of virtually any length and width to be processed. These options include a choice of single or dual gantries, each offering two carriages incorporating up to three cutting heads in any combination of router and knife tools and automatic tool change functions.

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