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Axyz offers upgraded option

Axyz offers upgraded option


The PANELBuilder sheet processing solution from AXYZ International has been further upgraded to greatly enhance its production capabilities.

The system provides an all-embracing three-in-one panel processing solution, comprising a specially configured large-format CNC router and dedicated software program that will simultaneously groove, drill and profile-cut single or multiple sheets of aluminium composite and/or solid aluminium materials widely used by sign manufacturers..

A key new enhancement has been the addition of the AXYZ Auto Zone Management function that ensures material being processed is held securely throughout the entire cutting cycle to provide optimum accuracy and a perfect edge finish. The system provides three different vacuum hold down modes, Live Deck, Pendulum and Independent Switching. Live Deck will automatically activate and deactivate vacuum zones according to the live position of the cutting head, while the Pendulum mode, as the most popular for panel fabricators, enables the vacuum to switch between two virtual zones, usually the front and rear halves of the router, to facilitate continuous operation for maximum productivity.

The AXYZ PANELBuilder system can be configured to handle all standard ACM/MCM sheet sizes. Key design features include a triple Z tooling arrangement, complete with three five horsepower router spindles, an automatic tool mister/coolant facility for machining plate aluminium and pop-up location pins for material alignment. Waste generated during the cutting and profiling process is safely removed through a chop extraction system that includes an automatic vacuum extraction manifold.

The supporting software includes both 2D and enhanced 3D design and layout capabilities to accommodate more complex panel processing requirements.

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