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AXYZ to host two new Open House events

AXYZ to host two new Open House events


AXYZ International is to hold two further Open House events on 21st October and 19th November, which will build on the success of two similar events held in 2014 and the initial single-day event that took place in 2013.

Apart from existing and potential customers, members of the trade press will be invited to attend.

The October event, which will be open to both existing and potential customers, as well as members of the trade press, will be held at AXYZ International’s recently opened new UK and Continental Europe headquarters on Telford’s T54 Business Park.It is designed to enable attendees to evaluate not only the radically improved assembly and service facilities now installed, but also selected new or recently launched machine hardware and software solutions.

The event, which will accommodate customers from the North and Midlands areas, will also mark the first public showing of the AXYZ Trident hybrid integrated digital finishing solution that combines CNC routing and knife-cutting capabilities. This powerful production workhorse now facilitates the processing of both rigid and flexible materials as diverse as aluminium and other non-ferrous metals, aluminium composites (ACM), acrylics and plastics, foamed and corrugated board, vinyl and cardboard that might prove challenging for conventional routers, at speeds of up to 50 per cent faster than other AXYZ routers.

axys-sept2-minTo mark the launch of Trident, a special discounted purchase price will be available for a short period both during and immediately after the Open House events.

Also to be demonstrated will be other machines from the AXYZ range, supported by routers from AXYZ International’s Pacer and Z series of machines. The event will also mark the first public showing of Version 16 of the AXYZ PANELBuilder system’s software. The combined router and software solution is used primarily for the processing of large-format ACM panels used extensively in the sign and building cladding industries.

The AXYZ CNCRoutershop division will also be represented. This recently expanded business can now provide a 24-hour online supply facility for tooling, spare parts and accessories not only for AXYZ International CNC routers but also for virtually any other make of router regardless of type and country of origin.

The 19th November event will take place for a second time at the Royal Air Force Museum in North London and will feature the same product demonstrations and technical support facilities. The choice of this site to accommodate primarily customers in the South East proved an extremely popular one for visitors to previous Open House events, not only because of its regional accessibility but also because it enabled them to view a galaxy of interesting RAF aircraft and artefacts whilst evaluating the AXYZ technology on display.

Refreshments will be provided at both Open House events, with a team of AXYZ International management and technical support personnel in attendance to provide additional customer support.

For further information, telephone 01952 291600, e-mail or visit: visit

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