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Back to the Future – Doro Tape

Back to the Future – Doro Tape


A veteran supplier of sign and graphics and digital printing media solutions, James Carpenter, Managing Director of Doro Tape is well qualified to comment on the changes that have taken place within the industry from a personal perspective. He said: “One of the biggest changes has been the diversification into new markets that has taken place by our customers and the different businesses that are now engaging with the industry. Affordable wide-format printers and compatible ink technologies have led us to continually source even more innovative materials from many of the leading European materials manufacturers.

Linda-Farrow-sunglasses-display-in-Selfridges,-London-min“In addition there have been major advances in adhesives technology and it is now possible to supply materials that can be applied directly to virtually any substrate. This has enabled the industry to make further entry into additional key markets, such as the retail, hospitality, architectural and interior décor sectors. The advent of lower-cost wide-format digital printers has also brought about change in the type of company that can now produce signs and graphics and opportunities now exist for all companies, regardless of size and technological status.

“The predicted demise in the use of plain self-coloured vinyl has not happened and there will still be a place in the industry for the small sign maker.  However, with interactive digital signage now making an impact and with greater levels of creativity and innovation being harnessed overall, there is no telling what the future will hold.”

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