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Back to the Future – Nova Aluminium

Back to the Future – Nova Aluminium


According to Paul Vickery, Director of Nova Aluminium, a leading supplier of quality aluminium extrusions and complete sign systems, the industry has changed by necessity rather than through natural evolution. He suggests: “The technological advances that have taken place have resulted in designers and architects taking signage far more seriously than hitherto and due to closer engagement with signmakers some truly iconic and landmark signage projects have been achieved.”

In terms of innovation, Paul considers the wider use of vinyl to be among the most significant. He commented: “The impact of vinyl on fascia signage, for example, has been huge and has contributed to a significant reduction in the time required to apply alternative cut out acrylic letters and logos to sign panels. Similarly, LED technology has had a positive influence on sign lighting and is fast replacing alternative, more expensive and less environmentally aware fluorescent technology.”

On the challenges facing the industry and its future, Paul added: “Primarily these relate to being able to keep up with all of the new technology now emerging. The future of the sign industry appears to be very encouraging, with a much more professional approach to the manufacture of even standard signage. The saying ‘A business with a good sign is the sign of a good business’ has never struck a more fitting note. Whilst we have seen the demise of some fairly large companies and witnessed the impact of the sign franchise organisations, overall, the industry appears to be in a fairly happy and healthy condition.”

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