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A beacon of British ingenuity

A beacon of British ingenuity

Several members of the Contra Vision team recently made a trip to London to celebrate Contra Vision being selected as one of 100 inventions and innovations to be included in the ‘Travelling Museum of British Invention’ a single decker coach that is currently touring the UK to promote the key role played by British inventions in the fields of science and engineering.

The Museum showcases inventions as wide ranging as gravity to radar, the NHS to postage stamps, jet engines to penicillin, all of which are deemed to have made an impact on our society.

Contra Vision was in the unusual position of being shown both inside and outside the bus. Its see-through technology, which is used to enhance a wide variety of decorative sign and graphics applications whilst also providing a high level of privacy, was rightly included as being a ground breaking British invention that is used around the world. However, its efficacy was also shown to excellent effect when it when it was used to wrap parts of the museum, thus demonstrating how it can be used as an effective and eye-catching advertising medium, which attracted visitors who were keen to learn more about inventions and science.

The Travelling Museum of British Invention parked up outside the House of Commons to promote ‘Parliament Week’ in London, as it included reference to the Magna Carta and several inventions or innovations involving Parliament’s consent.

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