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A bright start

A bright start

Following its introduction in November 2014, a new concept in LED tube lighting has made a bright start in the exhibition and display sector for which it was primarily developed.

Wandlite---Composite-ImagesWandlite is a long-life waterproof LED tube lighting system providing 360 degrees of radiated light and offering an ideal solution for modular display systems, including plinths, light walls, light boxes and counters. The system runs off a standard 12v electrical supply and uses only 1.5 amps per metre of tube. It can be either connected to or run independently of the main supply source or powered by a rechargeable battery or generator.

Wandlite---Transformers-in-productionThe lightweight tubes,which are virtually unbreakable, are available in a choice of lengths ranging from 400 up to 2000mm. They can be used either as a stand-alone light source in a tower or plinth, or linked together to provide variable light intensity levels contingent upon the application. Customised lengths and colours and RGB multi-colour light versions are also available to extend the system’s capabilities. The spirally-wound LED tape is said to impart a new visual slant to this type of product, while the semi-translucent end fittings enable the light to glow from end to end of the tube.

A recent successful installation of the Wandlite system was its use by Olson Visual in the U.S to create a backlit fabric wall to promote the general release of a major film production. Hitherto, this leading graphics provider had used light boxes made with the T3 system from Tecna Display, which involved the construction of large PVC tube lights that required labour, plus literally tons of string LED lights, which were attached to the tube one at a time and the large transformers required to power them. These power units would often shut down after becoming too hot, but with the combination of Wandlite and the T3 system, all of these problems were resolved satisfactorily, leading to the use of this integrated solution in a further major film promotion.

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