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Catching the eye in a digital age

Catching the eye in a digital age

The Tensator Virtual Assistant digital solution has become a familiar sight in airport lobbies, retail environments and railway stations across the world, where it is helping to boost consumer engagement in areas such as retail promotions.

Its usage is a response to the growing concern that people have become desensitised to traditional forms of signage, a fact that was highlighted in a recent survey conducted by US marketing firm Rich Multimedia Technologies, which found that 63 percent of people are more likely to be attracted by digital signage.

A typical example of this can be found in the Grafton Shopping Centre in Cambridge,which became the first in the UK to introduce the technology in 2014. In one of the centre’s main restaurants, the Tensator Virtual Assistant was used to advise consumers how to claim 20 percent off their food bill, resulting in 100 redemptions against a typical 10 percent follow-through rate. This means that 1,000 customers effectively engaged with Tensator Virtual Assistant, thus increasing traffic flow and boosting sales in the process.

It is further evident that interactive technology has the ability to bring about behavioural change. In an entirely different sector, Virtual Assistant has helped reduce the number of items confiscated at major airports across the world by five percent since its introduction in 2011. The fully programmable assistants were strategically placed at the entrance to baggage check areas, where they reminded customers about restricted items in carry-on luggage.

Digital signage technology thus has the ability to significantly increase consumer engagement across a variety of sectors when used in combination with sound strategy and personalised messaging.

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