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Chic and stylish

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Chic and stylish

Bradford based graphic design and branding company Nebula Creative has created chic and sophisticated signage to enhance the interior of the award-winning hairdressing salon, Mark Leeson.

After opening a second salon in Chesterfield with a completely new brand image, the company’s original Mansfield salon was left in need of a makeover. Nebula Creative worked with Superna Bespoke Interiorsto completely refurbish the salon, creating three new signs for both indoors and out.

Each piece of signage is constructed using Applelec’s built up brushed stainless steel letters, with two sets being mounted to a folded aluminium fascia and the other mounted to a small folded aluminium panel. Nebula Creative, with advice from Applelec, opted for the grey beige powder coated fascia panels to complement the interior style, which features brown leather seats, cool purple illumination and silver fixtures.

The first interior sign comprises a large Mark Leeson logo, which is mounted to the wall behind the reception desk and features cool white LED halo illumination that further enhances the salon’s lighting scheme. A second sign graces the salon’s back wall and is mounted on exposed grey brick to create a strikingly stylish feature.

The exterior signage, which is just as impressive, comprises simple yet stylish capitalised text mounted onto a grey beige fascia and is also halo illuminated with cool white LEDs, while a second outdoor logo is constructed from stainless steel and is mounted on the black brick wall by the doorway. Due to the small size of this sign, Micro-Sign LEDs were the illumination method of choice.

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