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Clean cut solutions

Clean cut solutions

The Knifeless Tech range of knifeless tapes, which has recently been added to William Smith’s Tools & Accessories portfolio, offers a faster, easier and safer option than trimming with a blade.

In addition, the risk of damage to vehicle paintwork is eliminated, as cutting of graphic and wrapping film is achieved by means of a highly visible straight filament in the centre of the tape.

Knifeless-Tape-APE+Wraps+(8)The Knifeless Tech tapes are translucent and repositionable and both tape and filament can be easily stretched and turned in any direction. The range includes Finish Line, which is designed for vehicle wrappers for basic trimming of panel edges, It is available in 3.5mm x 50mm rolls, can be used for most wrapping applications and is conformable around bumpers, door handles and mirrors.

DesignLine, which is specifically designed to give a smooth clean cut finish when applying stripes or more intricate custom designs, can be applied simply and quickly with one continuous tape line and then broken by hand on completion. The filament can be pulled at any angle when cutting.  It is available in 3.5mm x 50m rolls.

Perf Line, which is available in 6.35mm x 50m rolls, is designed to provide a 3mm gap from the edge of window panels when using perforated films, so that seal tape can be applied to prevent moisture seeping behind the film.

Knifeless-Tape-Knifeless-Tech-TapesFinally, Bridge Line, available n 50m rolls, can be used for bridging wide gaps between vehicle panels, doors, seams and rubber seals. At 12mm wide it will allow for excess between panels for finishing.

The full range of Knifeless Tech tapes are available ex-stock from William Smith, with next day delivery on orders placed before 6.00pm.


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