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Inkmill Vinyl is an easily accessed and effortlessly browsed website that offers a wide range of decorative design elements realised in pressure sensitive vinyl, cut, weeded and ready to apply. It’s also a very compelling place to shop.

The designs are as novel as they’re attractive, as inspirational as they are desirable. But perhaps best of all, they’re as simple for the end customer to use as they are to find and pay for in the first place.

inkmill-mag-add-14Inkmill’s decorative elements are produced using top quality Metamark self-adhesive materials and every order also comes with step-by-step application instructions for first timers.

Showing great creative flair, Inkmill’sdesigns are attractive, bold and varied and can be used in all sorts of places and applications, and include children’s height charts, feature wall coverings, silhouettes of skylines from around the world, plus a few novelty pieces thrown in just for fun. The list just goes on. The company also uses Metamark etch effect materials to offer a big range of window manifestation elements for both commercial and domestic use too.

inkmill-mag-add-15Those who fancy having a crack at designing their own decorative schemes are also well looked after as there’s a facility for users to upload their own unique designs and to receive the application ready design in the post in double quick time.

Inkmill Vinyl defines what to some will be a new way of acquiring decor and a new way of shopping for it and, given the size of its audience it’s a statistical certainty it will succeed.

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