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CMYUK unveils its PVC-free materials portfolio

CMYUK unveils its PVC-free materials portfolio
CMYUK has unveiled its enhanced sustainable PVC-free materials portfolio that offers high-performing, proven eco substitutes for all major wide-format print applications.

The CMYUK eco range represents possibly the most comprehensive collection of quality, PVC-free and non-toxic printing materials available from a central source. It is designed to replace the damaging carbon footprint of traditional products that have historically been used by the wide format digital printing sector.

CMYUK has worked exclusively with world-class manufacturing partners in some of the world’s most sustainably advanced facilities to produce this range that adheres to stringent environmental, performance, fire and safety ratings without using any PVC or toxin-based materials.

The range includes UPRINT a PVC and plasticiser-free self-adhesive films, which are perfectly suited for sign and display applications. These are available in either a matt or gloss finish, with grey permanent or removable adhesive. Options include an airflow liner with integrated channels designed to facilitate the movement of air, thus eliminating any bubbles during installation. Matching PVC-free gloss, matt and textured laminates are also available.

A wide collection of papers, films, backlit and exhibition materials are also included within the eco collection and UPRINT brand.

UTACK is an innovative self-adhesive materials range that comprises PVC-free film and textiles that offer high and low tack repositionable functionality and are suitable for use within décor, display and signage applications.

UDECO is a sustainably sourced décor material that provides the basis for inspirational design and exceptional wall décor.

UFabrik Eco textiles represent a highly inventive re-purposed solution to the scourge of single-use plastic waste. Made from recycled PET yarn from discarded single-use plastics, UFabrik Eco is designed for use in backlit, frontlit, and blockout applications in addition to single piece wallcoverings up to five-metres wide and as staple wrap around frames. When using UFabrik for display and décor graphics, any business, corporate or brand can be assured that their sustainability goals are being met with the same levels of print quality and durability as that commonly achieved with traditional substrates.

PVC-free Kavalan is the game-changing proven replacement for traditional PVC banner material. Available in widths of 1.6, 3.2 or five metres, it looks like PVC, has the strength of PVC, welds like PVC and, most importantly, is environmentally responsible. It has all the advantages of PVC yet none of its eco-malignance.

 The Kavalan banner range is designed with the complexities and limitations of end-of-life disposal in mind and can be incinerated safely without any harmful effects to health or the environment.  Any emissions are hundreds of times lower than that of PVC banner, and well below the minimum safety levels issued by EU guidelines.

Further, Kavalan weighs up to 50 percent less than PVC, thus making it easy to handle and install. This also significantly reduces carbon emissions during transportation.

German-made PONGS superior quality textiles are manufactured to the highest ecological standards, creating a fine balance between industry and nature. Its large selection of high-performance recyclable polyester-based materials covers multiple applications across textile architecture, exhibitions and displays, retail, exhibitions and events.

“CMYUK’s eco collection provides sustainable high-quality alternatives to traditional materials with further developments underway to offer the market even greater environmental choices,” said Michael Crook, CMYUK Business Development Director. “Brands are now specifying sustainable alternatives and placing their business with companies that deliver on green solutions. Our eco materials are 100 percent recyclable and deliver on aesthetics, print quality and performance. We firmly believe that this collection will become the default standard for our customers.”

 The CMYUK Eco range is available now. For further information, visit:













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