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Colouration plumps for the versatility of a Zünd G3

Colouration plumps for the versatility of a Zünd G3

Colouration has installed a Zünd digital cutting table at its south-west London print house, where it is now proving invaluable in the run-up to Christmas and beyond.

A specialist in the beauty and fragrance retail market, Colouration supplies a wide range of printed materials to the high street. It offers conventional and digital printing, large-format graphics, outdoor signage and more, and pays particular attention to colour accuracy.

Running a total of nine printing systems of various technologies, including Canon printers, Colouration decided to increase its finishing department, which was already equipped with a Zünd table, in order to manage overflow work. Having researched the various options, the company decided to invest in a new Zünd G3 2XL3200, supplied by Canon, so that it could clear bottlenecks from both Colouration’s existing router machine, running MDF and acrylic, and its knife cutting machine on corrugated board. The Zund G3 can process a wide range of materials, ranging from plastic and metal through to textiles.

Colouration purchased the system following a visit to Zünd UK Ltd’s showroom in St Albans, while the exact configuration was decided at a second viewing at FESPA 2017 in Hamburg. Thanks to the modular construction of Zünd’s Swiss-made systems, the Zünd G3, S3 and D3 cutters are all available in a variety of sizes with a choice of material handling systems, modules and tools that can be installed on delivery or retrofitted at a later date.

Colouration’s new Zünd G3 2XL3200 features a tandem vacuum system: two vacuum plates on the working area that can be operated independently of each other, thus enabling the cutter to work on one side while the material is fed onto the other to save downtime and boost productivity. It is also fitted with Zünd’s Automatic Router Bit Changer (ARC), which changes router bits without user intervention to accelerate production further.

“It’s a great machine – faster than the older machine, versatile and clean working,” commented Tony Dennington, who founded Colouration in London SW17 in 2001 and now serves as its Managing Director. “It does everything they said it would.”

He continued: “Cutting work has become much bigger than anyone could have believed. In the early years, we didn’t think that the cost of cutting machine could be justified when compared with someone with a ruler, but technology has advanced so much that it ensures speed and accuracy on any size, any shape and any type of material. It has become a necessity to our business.”

Colouration started as a traditional commercial print company but moved into large-format and manufacturing due to the needs of a changing market. Tony Dennington explained: “There was a decline in the demand for traditional printing due to the internet and digital printing. We needed to diversify to move forward and to maintain high standards across the board.”

Now most of its valuable pre-Christmas retail work has been completed, Colouration is looking towards 2018, when it will potentially be adding extra shifts to cope with the output. A further investment in additional printing equipment is also anticipated.

Zünd UK  has recently renovated its dedicated demonstration suite in St Albans with the latest Zünd G3 and other cutting technology. To book a visit, e-mail or Tel: 01727 833003.

For further information on the Zund product portfolio, visit:

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