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Combining innovation and creativity

Combining innovation and creativity

With innovation being a key factor in helping sign and display companies produce output with a difference, EFI reports that its digital printing offerings are enabling these companies to carry out work that was once the province of screenprinters.

The inks used by EFI across its range of printers include formulations that enable specialist jobs to be undertaken which hitherto were not possible with digital printing. For example, the VUTEk GS Pro-TF wide-format machine now simplifies thermoforming, with the ink enabling outstanding elongation characteristics with excellent adhesion and post-draw opacity so that unusually shaped 3D work can be undertaken.

Likewise, EFI’s LED printers, including the new low-cost H1625 flatbed and roll-to-roll model, means that for a modest investment it is possible to reap the benefits of the company’s ‘cool cure’ technology and work with materials that are not suitable for use with conventional UV-curing technology. This means it is now possible to print direct to ultra-thin, complex surfaced media that has a tendency to ‘buckle’ under the heat of traditional UV lamps.

The already established VUTEk GS2000LX Pro and wider GS3250LX Pro printers combined with the latest and larger GS5500LXr Pro printer have given a huge boost to EFI’s LED technology. It has also enabled users to discover unusual applications on non-typical materials and heat-sensitive surfaces and to thus extend the range of services they can offer customers.

A good example has been Bristol-based Artworks Solutions that is said to have taken its fabrication and printing expertise into a new dimension with the help of a VUTEk GS3250 printer. As an architectural specialist, the company has harnessed its versatility and creative abilities to generate a wide range of textures and effects, with the VUTEk printer being especially effective in printing direct to glass, a material that is in huge demand for exterior and interior design projects in which the combination of light, texture and quality printing have produced visually stunning results.

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