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Configured for higher productivity

Configured for higher productivity

Routers from AXYZ International under its AXYZ, Pacer and CAMTECH power brands offer a host of both individual and complementary design and performance capabilities. They also come with a range of both standard and optional production tools to enhance these capabilities and to enable engagement with peripheral work, such as print-and-cut applications.

In terms of process and cutting head options, AXYZ routers claim ‘best in class’ status. is based on the company’s ability to build machines that offer virtually any length and width of processing area with the option of one or two carriages on the gantry, each of which features up to three cutting heads in any combination of router and knife tools and with an optional automatic tool change facility.

4010_AVSAn excellent example of this is the AXYZ 8010 Twin Y router for large panel processing. The machine has been designed to handle oversize sheets of material, enabling sign companies to process large panels and awkward shapes more efficiently without additional processing ‘off the machine’. The router has an impressive 2635mm processing width and incorporates twin routing heads to enable two large sheets of material (up to 10 x four feet) to be handled simultaneously, a performance characteristic considered fairly rare in the sign industry. The 8010 will process a wide range of disparate materials, including aluminium, stainless steel, brass, acrylic, copper, marble, stone, solid woods and composite boards.

Like all AXYZ routers, the 8010 machine offers a raft of both standard and optional production tools, including an enlarged 21-station Automatic Tool Change (ATC) facility and AVS (AXYZ Vision System) for optimum material alignment and enhanced cutting precision. This latter option has proved extremely popular for print-and-cut applications and in particular those involving harder substrates, such as acrylic, ACM and solid aluminium.

With their heavy-duty steel base, high-quality direct-drive servomotors and helical rack and pinion drive system, Pacer routers in the AXYZ International portfolio offer reputedly the best quality of cut possible with this type of machine. They are particularly proficient in producing a near-polished edge finish on acrylic and similar signmaking materials with no additional processing required.

The AXYZ International customer support facility, CNCRoutershop continues to expand with the addition of new CNC routing tools, consumables and accessories sourced from leading quality suppliers in the UK and Continental Europe, which now include specialist routing tools for the more complex or difficult-to-process materials. Virtually any popular brand of router, regardless of design and origin, can now be accommodated in addition to those supplied by AXYZ International.


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