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Controlling the motion

Controlling the motion

Tekcel CNC Solutions has recently announced that its latest range of CNC routers, including the VSE, VSR, EXR, EXL and GFX models  is now equipped with the most advanced motion control technology to date, full product details and specifications for which can be accessed instantly on the ompany’s website.

Manufactured since 1992 and available in the UK for the past 12 years, Tekcel CNC routers have established a strong track record for product innovation.  Early pioneers of Auto Tool Changing technology, the machines’ manufacturer,Tommotek has continued to evolve its CNC product range in line with the demands of the various industry sectors it serves.  This is clearly illustrated by its early development and introduction of advanced technologies, such as ‘cut to print’ digital camera registration and various knife cutting options for the sign and graphics industries in recent times.

Tekcel describes its latest range of CNC routers as having ‘next generation’ motion control technology that delivers advanced system management and automation through an easy to use operator interface and believes that one of the main reasons why Tekcel has been such a prolific product innovator over the years is that Tekcel routers have always featured proprietary motion control technology, rather than using one of the generic, low cost controllers on the market.

There is no doubt that the company’s design and manufacturing expertise and its own unique, closed loop, digital motion control technology has played an important role in the development of its business. Not only does its motion controllers drive its own Tekcel routers, it also has OEM arrangements to supply its technology to a number of CNC manufacturers around the world.   Users particularly seem to appreciate the machines’ user-friendly interface and the automation of as many of the processes involved in their day-to-day running as possible, features that make a Tekcel router both easy to operate and highly productive.

Further, the routers are‘effectively ‘future proofed’ due to their built-in versatility, expandability and upgradeability into our state of the art motion control technology,  benefits that are already being used to full advanatge by users in Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America, South Africa, the Middle East and Malaysia as well as the UK.

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