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Cool, clear water

Cool, clear water

A striking ultra-illuminated display spanning more than 40-metres has been installed at Sports Direct’s headquarters in Nottinghamshire.

Designed by shopfitting specialist Replan and produced by the retail graphic display experts from Leach, the industry-first installation has transformed an ordinary stairwell into a stunning nature exhibit.

The idyllic scene, complete with a perfect sky and cascading waterfall, features a suspended curved lightbox measing four-metres x 11-metres, which is further complemented with 30, one-metre squared, staggered lightboxes that perfectly showcase the vast water feature.

Conceptualised by Replan and manufactured using Leach’s new cutting-edge Lightwave technology, the result is a graphic display that looks uncannily like a giant video wall. However, dynamic LED has been integrated into the lightboxes to create an eye-catching sense of movement – in this case, to simulate the effect of flowing water – for only 20 percent of the cost of the video wall alternative.

Aaron Eaton, Replan’s Managing Director, commented: “With more than 470 stores across Europe, Sports Direct is one of the best known names on the high street, which stocks a number of iconic brands within its spaces, but this installation proves that it is also an organisation that loves to stand out.

“Thus, we were bold at the conceptualisation phase as we wanted to create an industry talking point, and I think we’ve done just that.”

With the powerful yet energy-efficient lighting reflecting beautifully off the glazed balustrade of the stairway, visitors to Sports Direct’s HQ and pro shop may forget they are simply in a retail space. But beyond this waterfall landmark is a new-concept, premium-feel flagship environment with dedicated equestrian, rock climbing and golf areas, to name just a few.

Daniel Deakin, Sales Account Manager at Leach added: “Thanks to Replan’s boundary-breaking design concept , Sports Direct now has a real wow factor installation within its retail environment. We’ve combined dynamic, ultra-bright, programmable LEDs with HD quality graphics to provide a digital hybrid that uses lightboxes in an original and exciting way that eliminates the need for a single screen.”

As with all of Leach’s lightboxes, irrespective of size, the display is designed so that the fabric graphics can be interchanged to create an entirely new look and feel, to suit the client’s evolving brand activity. The magnetised LEDs can even be repositioned to produce a completely different visual effect, such as shooting stars or exploding fireworks.

Leach’s new Lightwave product is proving popular across varied sectors including retail, sports, events and exhibitions, plus museums and heritage.

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