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A crash is no longer a calamity

A crash is no longer a calamity

A new software feature from SwissQprint enables customers to avoid rejects and rework following a machine crash, as the software resumes operations at the precise point on the printing pass,without leaving any tell-tale traces, that printing was disrupted.

As one of SwissQprint’s built-in safety features, the moving printhead carriage of its UV printers immediately halts if it comes into contact with either a person or an object. The system also stopsinstantly if there is any danger of the printhead grazing the substrate, typicallywhere there are undulations or raised edges.

People and printheads are thus protected, but the printers’ output suffered as a result.  Recognising this, SwissQprintdevised a new software feature.

Now, following a crash, the operator merely needs to make two mouse clicks to resume print at exactly the same point where the printhead carriage came to rest. That could be right in

the middle of the pass, without any visible transition.

This innovation provides an immensely helpful lifeline when large formatprint is being output within tight time frames,when costly substrates are being used and/or when there are low reserve stocks of the substrate. In situations such as these, it isreassuring to know that an interruption won’t turn into a calamity.

The new feature is available for use by existing SwissQprint customers as a softwareupdate and is already integrated in new systems.

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