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Creating impact on the Severn Bridge

Creating impact on the Severn Bridge

Drivers crossing the Severn Bridge from England into Wales will notice that the toll booth offices have been brightly wrapped with images promoting a new TAG vehicle system, which enables drivers to pre-pay bridge tolls and thus save time and money.

Instead of taking expensive advertising space to promote this message, Severn Bridge PLC decided to use its roadside offices, wrapping the windows with images that highlight the advantages of the pre-paid TAG system and attract the attention of drivers as they are slowing down to use the toll.

All Signs of Bristol was commissioned to produce and apply the wraps to the front and sides of the offices, which are visible to motorway users queuing to cross the Severn Bridge. Its material of choice was 20% Contra Vision Performance perforated window film, which was applied externally in conjunction with CL50CY Contra Vision ‘optically clear’ cast over laminating film. This finishing touch helps to protect the printed images from both the prevailing climatic conditions and the inevitable dust and dirt thrown up by the vehicles using the toll.

The beauty of this solution was that privacy was also maintained for those working inside the offices, while also ensuring excellent through-vision and a clear view of the motorway and adjacent tollbooths at all times.  Furthermore, the material can easily be removed when the campaign ends.

Commenting on the project, Kevin Willis, Business Development Manager of All Signs Bristol said: “As our client emphasised that durability and visibility were equally important considerations, we decided that Contra Vision would provide the best material for the job. We sampled several different options before selecting Performance 20%, which we felt was the material that provided the requisite level of transparency. Due to the location of the offices, which are located close to the busy motorway and the River Severn, we over laminated the wraps to protect the graphics from traffic grime and weather conditions.  The material was easy to print and apply and we were particularly pleased to see that the joins are invisible. This will be a medium to long term application and we are confident that the Performance 20% will continue to perform well, on all fronts, during the lifetime of this promotional campaign.”

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