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Cut and dried

Cut and dried

When a company is established on the basis that its founder sees an opportunity for a service-led revolution in a thriving market, then its primary attraction to its customers is certain to result in diverse and very interesting work. So the story begins for Hertfordshire based Projects and Print.

Richard Barrett, Projects and Print’s Managing Director, turned on the lights in 2010 and has since had his intuition and research confirmed. Today, his company manages a portfolio of blue-chip customers and undertakes a range of projects that reflect the true scope of today’s printing technologies when placed in the company’s capable hands.

Customers return time and again to Projects and Print, impressed by its ability to meet tight deadlines and its command over the production processes it maintains in-house.  And the company is well equipped to say the least. An Agfa Anapurna printer rubs shoulders with a complete suite of production hardware, amongst it, a newly installed and fully specified Tekcel EXR router, supplied and maintained by Complete CNC Solutions.

The Tekcel EXR is a highly productive system that has the legs needed to keep up with the high standards of service that define Projects and Print. It’s versatile too, as its 3 x 2 metre bed accommodates the largest work-pieces, whilst its Opticut system elevates its capabilities into precise, top-quality print finishing.  What’s more, the system works in perfect tandem with the busy Anapurna printer.

Having recently completed installation and training, Projects and Print is already stretching the Tekcel EXR’s legs and applying it to some challenging projects, one of which was undertaken on behalf of a hotel chain and involved over 1,100 individually designed, manufactured and manually finished number signs for bedroom doors.

The Tekcel EXR, together with Complete CNC’s cutting tools, were used to cut the profiles from a mix of 12mm thick Corian and Acrylic, and then engrave the detailing required for the numbering. The acrylic was then printed on the Agfa Anapurna and the Corian was buffed and polished. Thanks to the Tekcel’s auto tool changer and indexing, the job involved only minimal operator intervention.

Post cutting, the very high quality engraving and edges achieved by the Tekcel router played a valuable role when the signs were further developed using Projects and Print’s diamond polisher and hand applied infilling for the numbering. The results are crisply rendered and radiate quality.

Producing over a thousand individual signs for one customer hints at deep project management capability, a service delivered as standard by Projects and Print, and one that its clients rely upon when handling complex and highly detailed roll-outs.

Projects and Print looks forward to a bright future. Service led business ethics and capability to back it up have proven to be a popular formula and Complete CNC Solution is delighted to be playing its part in helping Projects and Print deliver.

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