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Metamark deals with lots of sign and graphics production companies and, in the course of its conversations with them gets to hear about some of the unusual jobs they do. So it was when one of Metamark’s teams was having a chat with Andrew Aldham of Rotherham based A&N Signs.

“If you’re looking for unusual work completed with your materials,” said Andrew, “we did something for Darc’r gets Toxic a while back that’s worth a look.”

Darc’r gets Toxic is an über-trendy hairdressing salon in Rotherham,which commissioned A&N Signs to produce some window graphics of a very particular flavour – something that combined a bulldog, and a barber (obviously!), with overtones of steampunk grounding the design.

Having come up short in every stock image library on the planet, Andrew and the A&N Signs’ team challenged themselves to make something that fitted the client’s very definite needs. The proposed design featured elements from no fewer than four sources of origination, all skilfully blended into one cohesive and, dare we say, very hipster-like design. It’s brilliant. The client thought so too.

Andrew turned to Metamark MD3 clear and an unusual construction to do the job. The graphics were printed in reverse and backed up with MD3 white. The finished printed elements were then contour cut by hand and applied to the salon’s windows. It’s a great piece of work and the graphics really pop thanks to the quality of printing and the imaginative construction.

Darc’r may Get Toxic, but thanks to A&N Signs, it also got exactly what it was looking for on this occasion. Memorable name. Memorable graphics. Another job done.

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