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DIS complements its offering with a Colorado

DIS complements its offering with a Colorado
DIS Group, the award-winning Midlands-based large format sign and digital graphics company, has installed a Canon Colorado 1650 from CMYUK.

This new 1.6m wide roll-to-roll printer is perfect at handling increasing amounts of high-end retail work and complements the existing capabilities of the company’s EFI VUTEk h3 hybrid printer.

Mark Bradley, DIS Group Managing Director, explained: “Our work volumes are increasing and while switching between rolls to sheets on a flatbed is what a hybrid model is for, I could see that a second printer would enable us to maintain the increasing volumes of roll-to-roll work. The Colorado 1650 is perfect for the production of high-end Duratrans, posters and POS, plus the vinyl wraps that we do for retail hoardings, together with the occasional vehicle wrap. It also fits comfortably alongside the quality and speed of the EFI VUTEk h3 printer.”

DIS Group Sales Director, Dave Purcell, added: “The Colorado investment enhances what we usually do and drives our retail work forward too, which is a fast-growing area for us.

The company decided to invest in the Colorado 1650 because it was impressed with the way the printer handles peak volume production and its speed and quality of output. Rated by Canon customers all over the world for its stability, the Colorado can be trusted to be left optimally printing unaccompanied overnight safely.

Another key factor in the purchasing decision was the UVgel inkset, which combines the strengths and benefits of all current ink technologies without their limitations. The ink is a water-free gel and thus eliminates any issues regarding the dimensional stability of media. Using a low heat process, a temperature-controlled platen maintains the substrate at a constant 28 degrees temperature, regardless of environmental factors. On contact with the media, the liquefied ink returns to its gel state where the individual ink drops are pinned to the media in such a way as to prevent dot gain.

LED curing takes place after the image swathe is formed and gelled onto the media, resulting in a more uniform and smoother surface. Further, because the prints are instantly dry, they do not require any evaporative drying process.

Dave Purcell continued: “These inks really excited us. They are very durable and offer high levels of UV lightfastness, are scratch resistant and can be washed. They can also be used with a wide variety of substrates, including thin and heat-sensitive material.”

UVgel inks are super sustainable and have a low environmental impact. The manufacturing process adheres to stringent eco-standards, is certificated and the resulting inks are safe to use in internal educational and healthcare environments, something which is important to DIS, as it has adopted a business-wide strategy when it comes to implementing the best environmental practices.

Mark opined: “Sustainable printing, the use of eco-responsible products, the ability to offer customers new materials that can be used in place of traditional polluting products has become part and parcel of the way we operate. Customers have sustainability targets to meet, and frankly, the busier we are, the more important green alternatives become. We’re already finding our PVC-free alternatives are gaining a great deal of traction. The tide has turned. You can’t be involved in wide format printing without factoring in the environmental impact.”

One of the more impressive factors that Colorado customers comment on, is the printer’s ability to print matt or gloss finishes at the touch of a button. Thanks to what’s called FLX finish technology, this unique feature enables the production of both high shine gloss or velvet matt finishes without the need to change media or inks, a feature, which, according to Dave is a real bonus. He said: “The Colorado enables us to print spot gloss on presentation packs, visuals and graphics for retailers and other sectors where we know customers are going to love that option. It’s a really good selling point!”

 Both Mark and Dave are keen to stress the ethos of the DIS Group and why it has been successful in keeping its growing customer base happy since its inception in 1997. The company has its own in-house design and 3D studio that enables it to create, enhance, and evolve ideas in collaboration with clients that result in exceptional outcomes. Over the years the business has also grown its in-house installation capability and now employs a number of fitters. Dave commented: “For us, every stage of a job is vital, from the initial artwork through to fitting and de-installation. Customers know as soon as they press the order button that every aspect of the project will be taken care of.”

As a design-centric business, DIS is interested in delivering impactful outcomes as demonstrated recently by its transformation of the Players’ tunnel, dressing rooms and management suites at the Wolves’ FC stadium, with all aspects of the work being designed, printed, fitted, and project managed by the company. Now, DIS is going one step further, by adding video treatments to its printed static displays to create a multi-dimensional experience that further complements its printing capabilities.

DIS works across a broad spread of different industries and while it produces some exhibition graphics, its main focus is on the retail, interior décor, events and automotive markets. However, during the Pandemic, like so many others, it adapted to market conditions by producing sneeze screens, health and safety signage and wall and floor graphics.

Mark concluded: “We’re definitely back to where we were pre-Pandemic and probably several steps ahead. To be honest, we’ve actually never really stopped. We had to sell products to customers that we’d never sold to, for example, we had never dealt with the NHS before and now we’re official suppliers! We gained new customers, while still supplying our traditional base and now we are also seeing a big push from corporates that want to refresh their offices after two years of being fairly static. We’re all seeing how crucial the office environment is and we’re currently undertaking a great deal of this work with a lot more to come. All of our printers have been configured to work in total harmony and the Colorado 1650 is a great addition to our plant list.”

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