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DIS Group engages in war without bullets!

DIS Group engages in war without bullets!

Phil Knight, founder and CEO of Nike, has been quoted as saying: “Business is war without bullets”. That may be the case, but in order to achieve business success you have the right tools in your arsenal and for sign and digital print companies that means investing in the highest calibre printers to ensure the best quality output.

Innovative design, graphics and signage installation specialist, DIS Group, agrees. It has just sourced its second VUTEk machine, an EFI Quantum LXr 3.5m-wide roll-to-roll printer, from CMYUKin less than six months.  Based in Wolverhampton, DIS is continuing to expand its printer portfolio, a policy that has underpinned the company’s success since Managing Director Mark Bradley launched it in 1997.

DIS Group Account Director, Dave Purcell, explained: “To compete successfully in the graphics arena, a company requires imagination, flair, the ability to think creatively, and the best equipment for the job. That’s why we’ve invested in the Quantum LXr.”

With seven picolitre drops, an impressive production speed and unique collection of optional accessories, the EFI Quantum LXr is a modular and scalable printer that offers the best in print quality, versatility and total cost of ownership in its class. It incorporates powerful LED-curing technology and resolution up to 1200 dpi, and also has an in-line finishing system to enable all-in-one printing, slitting and collecting.

Dave Purcell continued: “We invested in the Quantum LXr to further reinforce fast turnaround times and firmly cement our place in the top echelon of our market. The outstanding production speeds and brilliant print quality it offers will help us maintain and improve our standards.

“It offers unrivalled speed and print quality and is perfect for the outputting of bespoke, highly detailed, close viewing projects, such as retail roll outs, window displays, museum exhibits and point of sale/purchase displays.”

DIS Group employs 18 employees in its busy 14,000 sq. ft. premises and its annual £1.5million turnover has been achieved by constantly pushing the boundaries of graphic provision, and strict quality control during every stage of the project.

The company adopts a policy of intelligent investment, and purchased the EFI Quantum LXr through CMYUK’s newly launched Consumable Supported Asset Finance (CSAF) initiative, an innovative reward scheme developed in conjunction with Paragon Bank Business Finance PLC. This is a unique way of rewarding customers with contributions towards their monthly hardware finance payments when they switch some or all of their materials purchasing to CMYUK.

Robin East, Group Director for CMYUK, commented: “DIS raises the bar on innovative graphic solutions and has become a model customer for CMYUK, using many of our specialist materials for very high quality printing applications.

“Thanks to our CSAF initiative, the procurement of our everyday and specialist materials has made a significant reduction in DIS Group’s investment cost for the latest EFI printing technology.”

Dave Purcell concluded: “We have a longstanding partnership with CMYUK and we respect and value their expertise and quality of service. Long may this continue!”

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