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Don’t suffer burn out

Don’t suffer burn out

The UK sign sector is increasingly facing diminishing tool life and fluctuating productivity levels in routing and engraving operations, but according to Sally Hunt, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has an innovative solution as well as the capabilities and capacity required to limit the impact and cost implications for its customers. 

The poor tool life signmakers using routing and engraving tools on materials such as Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) or DiBondexperience, could. Sally believes, be caused by one of two problems.

She explains: “At present, the UK sign industry is being flooded with low cost and low quality material from Asia, which is increasingly wreaking havoc with engraving tools and routing bits. In a business environment, it’s a natural reaction to look for cheaper materials and cutting tool suppliers, but this is a false economy, especially if low cost material is burning through cutting tools, generating poor surface finishes and resulting in secondary hand finishing operations.”

The low cost aluminium composite materials from foreign shores tend to be impregnated with impurities that can instantly burn out or chip the cutting edges and flutes of a cutting tool, so she urges signmakers to check the quality of the materials they are using.

She continues: “Tool burn-out effectively only impacts the bottom 2-3mm of the tool. As a UK manufacturer, our engineers and extremely precise CNC machines can cut the damaged edge from the tool and re-grind to an as-new condition at a fraction of the price of a new tool. Increasingly, our customers are supplying us with a box of worn-out tools so that our Tamworth manufacturing facility can cut and re-grind them – an operation that can be completed within a matter of days,thus effectively providing the end user with a box of ‘as-new’ tools for a minimal outlay.”

She goes on to add that what sets ITC apart from its competitors is both its technical expertise and its R&D department. ITC has built a reputation for developing tooling solutions for high-tech sectors,such as the aerospace and F1 industries and, by working with the leading names in these areas, it has an established history of developing solutions for cutting some of the most difficult industrial materials.Sally maintains that it is this industry know-how that enables ITC to provide its fast-turnaround, cost effective tool servicing solution, which is beyond the scope of other cutting tool vendors.

She concluded: “We have a line up of over 21 CNC controlled machines at our headquarters, which enables us to produce tools that combine qualitywith consistency and precision and offer a lifespan that exceeds anything else currently available.  This means that our customers are assured that they will gain the best possible results on even low cost materials!”

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