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Dressed to impress

Dressed to impress

Featherstone-based Express Signs (Yorkshire) turned to the Metamark Brick and traditional cut and applied materials to produce a distinctive livery that’s in a class of its own.

Express Signs’ Facebook account acted as a proxy salesman when Tudor Joinery, saw it and invited the company to design a logo to embellish some newly purchased workwear. Express Signs duly obliged.

Then there was the van.

The brief started as little more than applying the Tudor Joinery’s name and number on the new van’s flanks, after sitting down with the team at Express Signs, the company realised the full extent of its creativity and thus, a very distinctive livery was born.

The Express Signs team dug deep into Metamark’s notoriously well-dimensioned Brick swatch and called upon just about every shade of grey in the M7 range to support its design. The ultimate accent features the ‘Tudor Joinery’ logo, picked out in Metamark’s mirror-like Exterior Polish, subtly outlined. It’s often said that design is all about contrasts and Tudor Joinery’s livery proves the point.

Every part of the livery is cut and applied Metamark M7, Exterior Polish aside, and the application skills shine through. Perhaps the best part is the big effect delivered by just a little Exterior Polish. It may not be seen much but when it is, it really turns heads.

Tudor Joinery is absolutely delighted with its new livery and Express Signs’ work is now out there in the locality and beyond, where it will hopefully generate further interest in both companies.

For further information on Metamark’s extensive materials range, visit:

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