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Durst doubles print capacity for Leach

Durst doubles print capacity for Leach

Leach, the project management specialist in graphic displays and display structures, has invested in a new Durst Rhotex 325 printer that has doubled the print volume of its UK factory to a 500m² per hour print rate. 

At 6.5m wide x 4.5m deep, this dye sublimation printing system produces large format graphics up to three-metres wide and of any roll length. Capable of printing onto an array of materials using water-based ink, it will also expand the project briefs that Leach is able to satisfy, and is particularly important for frontlit work.

Using the suite of printers housed within its 30,000sqm factory, Leach can now produce both indoor and outdoor graphics, solutions ideal for both warmer and colder climates, plus reusable products, as well as graphics for use on technologically challenging shapes, structures and specifications.

James Lavin, Managing Director of Leach, which is based in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, said: “As demand from the retail, exhibition and heritage sectors continues to rise, we are passionate about being able to help more clients, as quickly as we can, without any detriment to quality. The addition of this cutting-edge equipment means that we now have technology capable of satisfying virtually any print brief, regardless of budget, environmental agendas, lighting specification and material preferences.”

The printer procurement process began six months ago. With other Durst machines already in-situ within Leach’s factory, Durst was perhaps an obvious choice. But rigorous due diligence included a site visit to Durst’s headquarters and production facility in Brixen, northern Italy.

James Lavin continued: “Durst is a great partner and has served us well. Furthermore, it has earned a great reputation for manufacturing high end, high value products that complement what we do, so realistically, it was never going to be anyone else. However, we had to be certain of the run rate and quality, and the only way to truly verify this was to see the Durst Rhotex 325 – and its rivals – in action. Now it’s installed, the feedback from our customers is that the print quality is fabulous!”

The Rhotex 325 is a dual-purpose system that can alternate between direct-to-textile and transfer printing, thus offering maximum flexibility for Leach’s busy team.

The company, which began life as a one-man photographic studio in 1891, and installed the UK’s first Durst Rhotex 512R for UV ink printing on superwide graphics up to five-metres two years ago, was acquired last April by French-owned global manufacturing and services group Chargeurs. The plan is to double its turnover to £20million within five years.

Commenting on this development, James Lavin said: “Being part of global manufacturing and services group Chargeurs brings us a lot of interesting contacts in many different countries, so we are extremely optimistic about the potential for international growth in the future.”

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