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Durst helps Gardners to steam ahead

Durst helps Gardners to steam ahead

The productivity of a Durst ‘workhorse’ is saving Gardners, one of the UK’s largest superwide print companies, 6,000 man hours a year.

Gardners, which employs 120 people and specialises in print campaigns, serves three main markets, fleet, retail and outdoor and its new Durst Rho 1330 hybrid printer is helping it to output hundreds of thousands of square metres of print a month, to the extent that the company expects to recoup its near £1million investment in the machine within two to three years. years.

Richard Courtney, Managing Director of Gardners, which uses 20 wide format printers at its Cardiff headquarters, said: “We’re are certainly hoping that Durst will be at the centre of everything we do going forward, so the relationship is very important to us.

“The Durst technology in terms of outstanding productivity, reliability and quality is universally known, but not everybody is aware of the service support and the efficiency of the staff. On the rare occasion a system ever goes down, they are just as keen to get it back up and running as we are.”

Gardners already owned two Durst Rho 512R systems, but its latest Durst investment was occasioned by its acquisition of the Agripa licence.  A patented advertising system that is widely used for marketing purposes, such as the printed advertising displayed on the side of delivery lorries, Agripa has brought a sudden surge of new work that will ensure that the company breaks through the £13million turnover barrier this year.

Richard Courtney concluded: “We already know that the Rho 1330 will save us 6,000 man hours a year, so we are confident that we’ll achieve the return on our investment in two to three years, but with the way that things are going at the moment, it may be even quicker!” 

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