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Dynamic tooling with ITC

Dynamic tooling with ITC


On Stand E43, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) will announce a number of new innovations.

Key product innovations include a new coating for the popular 3061 cutting tools used to machine stainless steel and similar exotic materials and an extension of the 180 and 4071 series used for machining and chamfering foamed board, plastics, solid and particle wood panels and abrasive materials.

New developments on the 2041 series of cutters that help reduce secondary finishing requirements, three new flute cutters for the 2091 series and the 2121 series of extra-long cutters for machining difficult-to-reach surfaces will also be featured.

Supporting these product innovations will be ITC’s technical support facility that helps resolve issues with delaminating, excessive burring, poor surface finish and time-consuming hand finishing processes.


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