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Enhanced creativity

Enhanced creativity

A few years ago, Inca Digital, which pioneered flatbed inkjet printing in 2000 and today manufactures the Inca Onset series of printers that are sold exclusively by Fujifilm, launched the IDEAS (Inca Digital Excellence Awards) to celebrate and showcase the huge variety of creative applications its customers had produced using many different materials.

Several customers won an IDEA with the applications they created for the décor sector using Inca UV printers.


These include the Canadian company Optima, which has produced furniture featuring multiple wood grain effects using MDF. In order to reproduce realistic inlay woodwork, Optima scanned many different types of wood grain in high resolution before creating artwork to provide the final inlay effect. Using its Inca printer, the company was able to print onto pre-cut shapes that were then airbrush-varnished to increase the wood grain effect, achieving a degree of colour and fine detail that made it difficult to distinguish between the real wood and the printed furniture.


America Digitaal Druk, which is based in Holland, produced wall panels featuring a tropical forest. The biggest challenge was to perfectly match the panels to create a wall that would come to life when pedestrians assed by.  The design, which was printed onto 18 two-part lenticular panels using an Inca platform, which printed onto 18 two-part lenticular panels, was createdso that the images appeared to move when viewed from slightly different angles. The panels were then laminated onto DIBOND prior to wall mounting.


Finally, Mills Styrox, from Australia, was commissioned to produce a rustic graphic to cover a large open wall space in a restaurant. Distressed plywood sheets, which were directly printed, using an Inca printer were then cut to size and wall-mounted on to produce a stunning graphic feature.

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