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Enhanced sign illumination

Enhanced sign illumination


Sign makers will welcome a further enhancement to the popular Chiplite LED module CL-XI. Following further optimisation, this is now branded as CL-XOL. It will be formally launched at European Sign Expo to be held in conjunction with FESPA Digital 2014 in Munich at the end of May.

Further optical improvement, at no additional cost to users, now facilitates a 160-degree light distribution capability making it possible to illuminate a square-metre 200mm-deep flexible-face light box using only 16 CL-XOL H3 modules via a grid area of 250 x 250mm.

LIGHTThe upgraded system incorporates two SMD LED modules that are constant-current driven and soldered to form a chain of 40 modules. The CL-XOL also carries the CE/EN 55015 seal of approval, is RoHS-certified and also incorporates an IP65-rated transparent housing for optimum safety and reliability. Of special interest to signmakers is the system’s ability to accommodate difficult-to-fit corner or serif requirements due to the special optics that provide an extra-wide 160-degree angle of radiation. This enables the system to be used in light boxes and for the illumination of sign lettering with a very low depth (typically as small as 30mm).

Another important innovation for signmakers is the CL-EI system that has been developed specifically for illuminating double-sided light boxes. These can be illuminated via the grid without the need to illuminate both sides of the light box. Due to its compact size, the system can also be used in double-sided circular banners. Available as a soldered chain of 30 LED modules, the light intensity of the CL-EI system can be varied either by pushing the modules together or pulling them apart.

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