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Further enhancements for flagship cutter

Further enhancements for flagship cutter


Graphtec GB has announced major new enhancements to its flagshop FC8600 plotter/cutter, which are available with immediate effect. They comprise innovative new performance functions on both the machine and the supporting Graphtec Studio software that is supplied free as part of the new offering.

Key enhancements apply to the ARMS 5.0 (Advanced Registration Mark System) that now incorporates the new ISM (Intelligent Scan Mode) and EPS support within the Graphtec Studio software package.

The new ISM function incorporates a sequential mode within the Segment Area Compensation facility to significantly improve accuracy and tracking of contour cutting for long-length Print & Cut applications as well as expanding the range of compatible media. The EPS support provided by the Graphtec Studio software commensurately improves compatibility with other popular design software such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW.

The FC8600 plotter/cutter provides higher productivity levels via a maximum speed of 1,485mm/sec to sustain the machine’s “fastest in class” status. It also provides a maximum cut area of 1,600mm x 50m with the FC8600-160 model and 750mm x 50m and 610mm x 50m respectively with the FC8600-75 and FC8600-60 versions as well as an enhanced cutting force of 600gf and an ability to cut media in a thickness of up to one millimetre.

For further information, visit or telephone 01978 666700.

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