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Envision lights the way

Envision lights the way

The Envision range of Translucent and Diffuser films are enabling enhanced lighting to be achieved whilst using fewer light sources due to the high light transmission capabilities of the films.

As a result, sign and display companies and their customers can enjoy a huge reduction in maintenance and power usage costs.

The Diffuser films offer two levels of light transmission (50 and 60 per cent) to manage light more efficiently, contingent upon the application, while the Translucent films are available in both standard and customised colours and in an inkjet-printable format.

Whilst optimised for use with LED lighting systems, the films can also be used with conventional fluorescent lighting systems.

A major success for the 3M Envision Translucent Films was their use in a major rebranding project for the giant Domino’s Pizza franchise in the US. Used in a series of different signage interpretations throughout over 1,000 outlets, the films enabled a huge reduction in the number of LED modules hitherto required and resulted in a commensurate saving in maintenance and power usage costs. The 3M Envision films have now been adopted by Domino’s Pizza to service all future sign lighting requirements.

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