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Eurolaser gives Brett Martin its stamp of approval

Eurolaser gives Brett Martin its stamp of approval
Eurolaser, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laser cutting machines, has successfully tested a range of Brett Martin’s semi-finished plastics on its M-800 laser.

Eurolaser tested Brett Martin’s products at its German test facility and issued certificates for Marcryl FS, Marlon FS, Marpet-a FS and Marpet-g FS, stating that the products were excellent and suitable for laser cutting. In addition, the company also successfully routered Brett Martin’s Foamalux on its systems. All Eurolaser machines have multiple cutting capabilities, thanks to the use of various tools, such as knife-cutters or routers in parallel with the laser.

The companies’ collaboration is part of Brett Martin’s Approved Partner Programme. The Northern Ireland based plastics manufacturer works closely with a number of credible printing and cutting machine manufacturers to test and showcase the printing and routering capabilities of its semi-finished product portfolio.

Alexander Wente, Eurolaser Product Manager, pronounced himself happy to award the certificate. He said: “The materials Marcryl FS, Marlon FS, Marpet-a FS and Marpet-g FS are ideally suited for processing with Eurolaser cutting systems. Due to the contact-free processing the cut edges are of very good quality and no residues are left behind. Furthermore, mechanical clamping or fixing of the materials is not necessary. This allows a very efficient production process. ”

Simona Firth, Brett Martin’s Semi-finished Product Manager added: “It is important for us to work alongside companies such as Eurolaser. We need to ensure that our products can be successfully processed on the equipment that our customers use. By collaborating with the world’s top manufacturers of wide format and flatbed printers we can ensure that our products are continuously evolving and performing to the highest standards and keep up to date with the latest technology advances.”

The tests were carried out on Eurolaser’s M-800 laser cutter, but the products can be successfully cut on all of Eurolaser’s equipment, each of which hold settings for the Brett Martin products in their software.

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