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Eyes down!

Eyes down!

APA has introduced its new range of self-adhesive, non-slip floor grapic films, which enable both advertising messages and decorative graphics to be applied to the floor.

The range comprises three different films, including Protector1,a 250-micron film, which offers a high embossed, matt effect surface that is highly scuff resistant and thus ideal for use in applications where there is a heavy footfall.

Protector2 is a200-micron, medium embossed matt film, which is also suitable for use in applications that will receive heavy wear, while Protector3 is a 100-micron semi-matt film, with a lower level of embossing that is espcially designed to maximise the appeal of the underlying graphic, while still offering a good level of scuff resistance and non-slip characteristics.

The films carry a B-S2-D0 fire prevention certification in line with the European classification relating to fire prevention.

All three films can be imaginatively customised to complement any decorative interior scheme, or to highlight any adverising promotion in domestic, corporate and public spaces

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